1. Continue ongoing CIDNA planning process, incorporating results of neighborhood surveys.
  2. Strengthen the association.
    • Increase visibility, outreach and communication (including survey and contact with renters);
    • Use committees and processes to accomplish priority work effectively and efficiently;
    • Develop discretionary funding.
  3. Strengthen neighborhood bonds and celebrate neighborhood with
    • Events
    • Enhanced communication.
  4. Manage and optimize relationships with City and Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.
    • Respond to their plans and proposals;
    • Based on CIDNA commitment to quality of life and protection of the environment, while seeking balance with development.
  5. Serve neighborhood needs relating to SWLRT, including
    • Monitoring the project,
    • Ensuring safety,
    • Mitigating negative effects and
    • Advocating with Met Council on behalf of residents.